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Lessons learned during Coronavirus – Others should too


What a year it’s been… effectively the world completely changed in a matter of weeks. All of us have had difficult times both work & personally and everything has been flipped on its head!

However, with so many small businesses on the Island (and UK wide), I believe SME’s (small businesses) occupy 99% of the country business wise, so the landscape for us all will forever be changed!

I strongly believe there are always lessons to learn during any type of crisis, effectively it is up to us whether we accept them or work hard to improve and adapt! It’s often easier to accept, but personally I always look for the silver lining!

Therefore, I outline some lessons learned during this year;


How much is my house worth?

House value is always a thought which is in the back of a homeowner’s mind for the eventuality that they sell and move on to buy something more relevant for the altered requirements at that given time. Alternatively it is also thought about due to works which have been completed within the home and how alterations can increase market value, for example a new kitchen, bathroom suite or a well maintained garden can increase the value of your home as well as its appeal to potential buyers.

How can I get my house valued?

Acquiring a trusted agent is very important when selling your property, there is now 50% more homes progressing through the system than this time last year.

How can I estimate the value of my home?



















Requesting a property valuation is one of the first steps to endure when looking to sell your home.

Why property is the best investment avenue in 2020 for landlords

The rental market has been extremely active this year, bouncing back from its temporary closure in record speed.

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