Since lockdown, there has been a massive shift in property priorities. Gardens and outside spaces have shot to the top of the list. But did you know that a well-kept garden can add as much as £2,000 to your property’s value?


Property market surges post-lockdown

Ever since its announcement, the government’s stamp duty holiday has sparked a surge in activity across the country’s property market.

Are you asking these key questions when you buy or sell?

A recent study has revealed the 'most dreaded' and unusual questions buyers have asked about a property before putting in an offer.

Eat Out To Help Out - 50% Off Restaurant Bills This Month

This has really helped the Isle of Wight community ‘kick start’ the economy, seeing so many restaurants on the island packed is a beautiful thing! There is still time to take advantage of this great incentive!

Five Ways To Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor space has rarely been so prized as it is now, with searches for properties with gardens and patios now much higher than prior to the lockdown period. We have put together five simple and inexpensive ways that you can perk up your outdoor space, no matter how much (or indeed how little) you may have available.

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