A Day in the life of an Estate Agent.
Charlie Panayi – Business Manager at Red Squirrel Property Shop Ltd.

Charlie has been working for Red Squirrel for over 4 years now and is our Business manager at Red Squirrel Property Shop. He heads up a team of negotiators, managers and apprentices for property sales, lettings and maintenance. All his colleagues have their own specialisms but are flexible enough to deal with most things. Here, Charlie will give you an insight into a typical day for a business manager of an estate agency.

The Early bird gets the worm – “I like to arrive to the office around 8 o’clock every morning (often earlier). I set my computer up, make my morning coffee and ensure I have a head start on my competition!”

First things first...

“To get the day started on a good footing, I clear all my emails received overnight, return any voicemails left and prepare for the day ahead. Normally, preparation would include gathering market research for property valuations I will be carrying out that day, and collating the property particulars for my viewings.”

Out and About:

Let’s start with Valuations-

“Carrying out valuations is an important part of the role. It gives me the chance to portray a positive image of our company. I will often go over various aspects with a client during a valuation such as, how the market in their area is performing, average sale prices, advised marketing prices, things they could do to improve the chance of a quicker sale and much more. I am also experienced in building projects and as a qualified energy assessor I can give clients advice on all aspects of property.”


“It’s not unusual to see me at every point of the island in any one day, out on sales or lettings appointments. Viewings are a great chance to really understand an applicant’s needs and wants, to help them find their dream home. There is nothing better than seeing someone fall in love with a property!”

In the office –

“In the office you will normally find me working on sales progression liaising with solicitors, surveyors, buyers and sellers to ensure agreed sales complete in a timely and efficient manner and minimising any potential issues – Putting out the fire before it happens! Also, a daily job would be communicating with our Vendors/Landlords to ensure they know how their property is performing, booking viewings and making plenty of phone calls and emails.”

What I like best about my job –

“We have a great team here at Red Squirrel and there is never a day where I do not look forward to coming into work – no such thing as that ‘Sunday feeling’ for me. That for me is the best part of working for Red Squirrel. I would say the next best part of my job is the feedback and reviews we get, there is nothing nicer than hearing from happy clients who never knew that estate agents worked the way we do. We strive to give an honest and personable approach, and nothing matches that!”

My least favourite part of my job-

“Occasionally, when applicants like a property they become rather eager to get a “great deal” and make a silly offer. This often isn’t helped by TV programmes and other estate agents, but at Red Squirrel we pride ourselves on valuing a property correctly (no overvaluing to get your business here) therefore when these low offers get forwarded they can really come across to the owners as offensive.”

After work…

“Busy life outside of work. Before anything I go home to my fiancé Zoe, step-daughter Ruby and the little dog Buster. I also play football twice a week and attend the gym as much as possible. My biggest passion outside of work is to see as much of the world as I can!”


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How to maintain a healthy and up together home...

Making your home look nice, with trendy furniture and feature walls is not the most important part of looking after your home. You need to ensure that your home is well looked after and maintained under all the fabrication of furniture and wall paint.
Maintenance is key for ensuring your home is well looked after. Even things which you wouldn’t even think of... We are now coming into Spring and it’s time to start that essential Spring Cleaning and we have some good tips on things in your home to keep an eye on.

I spoke to our Maintenance coordinator Karen Jardine to get the top tips for maintenance and what to look out for-

Emily- What would you say is the most important thing to keep on top of during the winter months?

Karen- As you know, we have had a very cold March causing pipes to freeze in the icy conditions, one way to avoid this happening is to keep your heating ticking over constantly this can also be more effective, and less expensive than switching it on and off for short bursts of heat. .

Emily- Is Condensation a big problem within your maintenance enquiries?

Karen- Yes. Condensation can cause a lot of problems. During the winter months when it is cold I understand the reluctance to keep the windows open, however it is very important to keep your property aired and ventilated, especially in bathrooms and kitchen where condensation can cause a problem from stream, for this reason it is important to use your extractor fan when bathing and cooking. We have all been guilty of drying our washing on the radiators this can cause airborne moisture being trapped in the house which condenses on cold surfaces such as windows and cold walls, where it causes paint to blister and wall paper to lift, causing black spot mould. It is important that any sign of mould must be reported to your landlord or agency if you are renting a property, as it can quickly get our of control if not dealt with. Furniture should be moved away from touching walls. Washing the area with a solution of diluted water and bleach or soapy water can help remove black spot mould.

Emily- Do you have any top tips?

Karen- Always check fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms if you get in the habit of doing this on the same day i.e. the 1st of the month you will be less likely to forget. Also, I would recommend using Energy Saving Lightbulbs, which are cost effective and of course, they are better for the environment.

Emily- Thank you for the advice and top tips!

Karen- Your very welcome.

These are also things to keep an eye on within your home to keep it well maintained.

Guttering is something which most of us would not even think about within our everyday life. But it’s important that we maintain it and look after our guttering.

After the cold and windy weather, we have recently had it would be a good idea to have your guttering checked to make sure it is not blocked up with leaves and moss and is free from any damage.  Gutters help collect rainwater within them, which then gets taken down the down pipes, and away from your home.
It is also a good idea to check the drainage from your downpipes, making sure the drain in also not block with leaves and debris. This will help protect your foundations and stops any flooding  occurring around your property.

It’s very easy for your gutters to become blocked. This can be from debris such as leaves, or moss or in some unfortunate cases, dead animals. This can cause gutters to block. The best way to see if your gutters are blocked is stepping outside when it’s raining and if the rain water is overflowing or dripping over the sides of the guttering indicating that most likely there is a blockage in your guttering.
This can cause some dampness within the property as well as flooding. So, it’s very important to get this blockage fixed. The best thing to do is to get the professionals out. Who will unblock your drains and stop anymore issues from rising.
So, guttering is a very important feature on your home that you need to maintain and look after. How about you go outside now and take a look at those gutters? See if yours look as healthy as they could be... At Red Squirrel Property Shop Ltd we can arrange to come out and inspect your guttering for you.


This is most likely something which wouldn't affect you, or something you wouldn't have even thought about. But, we believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Legionella is a waterborne bacterium which forms within stagnant water. It can cause three potentially fatal diseases which are collectively known as legionella’s. You can get this from breathing in mist or vapour that has been contaminated with the bacteria.
If you have a shower head above your bath which you hardly ever use but decide to use it one day this could be contaminated as stagnant water could have been trapped within the shower head. Therefore, this could contaminate you.
Likewise, in your boiler room, if your cold and hot pipes run next to one another this could be a way in which legionella could be formed. The cold pipe could cool the hot pipe creating stagnant water within the pipes.
So, to ensure you do not fall victim to this awful disease you need to have checks every 2 years. Red Squirrel Property Shop can do a legionella risk assessment for you, at the price of £75 plus VAT.
There are also some checks you can do yourself at home-
-Good practice in this situation is simply to run the taps (a very unlikely source anyway) with hot water for minimum 60 seconds, and more importantly flush the shower head with warm water for minimum 60 seconds after a period of non-use (to do this , remove from holder before switching on the shower, then hold down over drain to lessen risk of inhaling sprayed droplets).
-Similarly, flush, the toilet twice to circulate fresh water through the system and empty the cistern. Shower spray heads also present a small risk in domestic properties and should be cleaned of scale and debris every 3-6 months.
Doing these simple tests regularly will reduce the risk of legionella within your home.


I'm sure everyone has been faced with the issues of condensation. But it’s very important to manage this to reduce any issues within your home. Condensation can cause mould to appear on your walls, water streaks on your walls and patches of damp with no obvious edges.
This can look very distasteful within your property and is extremely annoying so it’s very important to manage this. You can do simple things within your home to reduce or stop the accumulation of condensation.
Firstly, you could ensure that you have an extractor fan in your bathroom / shower room. A good test to ensure yours is working well is putting a piece of paper to the fan and it should stay there (from the air being sucked up). This is a good indication that your fan is working correctly. 
The ventilation of the fan will remove excess moisture from the air reducing your risk of the build-up of condensation.
It’s a good idea to have a regular air flow within your home. For example, after or during your shower/bath, open a window slightly, if you do not have an extractor fan fitted, this will allow all the moisture in the air to escape and fresh air to be able to get into the room.
Likewise, it's good to keep your bedroom window slightly open. Not only does this improve your sleep but it allows fresh air to circulate your room and reduce condensation to occur.
Within your kitchen, it’s good to install a ventilation fan above your hob, or by opening the window slightly whilst cooking on your hob as this will again ventilate the moisture in the air, reducing the likelihood of condensation appearing.
These are simple and easy steps to take, to decrease your risk of mould and dampness within your home.

Some of us love getting our hands dirty and getting out into our garden and making it look beautiful and fantastic. On the other hand, some of us hate doing this. It’s not the therapeutic task it’s made out to be. However, to keep your home well maintained and looking its best it’s a vital part.
The humble garden fence can serve a variety of purposes, either as the boundary between one property and the next, a division from one garden area to another or as a screen to hide away a compost pile or the wheelie bins. No matter what the reason, garden fence panels don’t need to be the plain, boring objects that we tend to think of.
Anything that protects the timber, and ultimately the integrity and life of the fence is going to protect your investment. To ensure that fence panels and posts stay in tip top condition for longer, we recommend using a quality garden fence treatment.

There is nothing worse than an over grown garden, with withering plants and bushes. It’s so much better to have a blooming garden full of colour and order. It’s also very good to keep on top of your gardening. If you were to ever sell your home for example, having a well-maintained garden will mean your garden will be off the "to do list" for getting your property ready to sell.
Not only that, when the summer months arrive it’s nice to invite friends and family round and sit in a beautiful garden. Simple things to remember is to not over crowd your garden, make it look sophisticated and beautiful, not messy. Buy fully composted yard waste for best results, tidy your garden in the winter so the ground stays healthy and fertile. And finally, ensure to monitor the health of your plants in your garden. Make sure they look healthy and full of life.
After a while, these simple changes should become routine and your end up with a hassle free and beautiful garden for all to enjoy.

These are simple, yet important things to remember for maintaining your property. They are important for the foundations of your home, the safety of your home, the cleanliness of your home and the vanity of your home.
If you would like any more information on Legionella’s please feel free to call us at Red Squirrel Property Shop on 0198 521212.

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Emily Gibson

Do you fancy a change to your home? Why not move? Perhaps you buy a house with potential? Well, renovation may be the answer for you.

You could buy your dream home, in the most fantastic location, great price, superb garden but you feel like its missing something and you want to put your own stamp on your new home.
Maybe putting an extension on your property, or turning your loft space into a bedroom?
There are many things which you can do to your property, all you need are ideas and inspiration.

At the beginning of 2017 our very own Karen Jardine and her husband Scot added a single storey Extension forming an open plan Kitchen/living room to the back of their property, turning their 1930’s chalet bungalow into the spacious contemporary living accommodation they wanted.
Karen has always had a real passion for interior design and property, Scot is not a qualified builder but had worked within the industry many years ago and as a DIY enthusiast been able to turn his hand to all aspects of building.

Step 1- First things first. When you decide you want to renovate your property by adding an Extension you need to ensure you can do this by checking if you need Building Regulations and/or Planning Permission, it is advisable to speak to a builder or architect who can advise you of what you are allowed to have, they often come up with ideas you might not have even thought of and problems you might not have foreseen.

Step 2- Karen and Scot knew exactly what they wanted to achieve so had the plans drawn up which were submitted to the Isle of Wight council, Building Regulations were required which meant at each stage of the build the building Inspector would have to inspect the work before they could move onto the next stage.

Building regulations are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building. They are developed by the government and approved by Parliament.
Planning permission is not required provided that: ... 
-The ground area covered by the extension and any other buildings within the boundary of the property, excluding the original house, is not more than half the total area of the property.

Commencement - This first inspection allows you to meet and discuss your proposals and subsequent course of action with your Building Control Surveyor. This is particularly important for Building Notice applications where no plans have been submitted for approval.

Inspection Stages

Foundations - Allows ground conditions to be checked to ensure that the foundations are sufficient to carry the load of your proposals. This inspection must take place before the foundation concrete is poured.

Oversite Materials - An inspection will be made before floor areas are concreted or covered to ensure materials and insulation over the site are suitable. Damp-Proof Courses and Membranes prior to covering with brickwork or concrete.

Drainage Alignment and Fall - All new drainage is inspected for alignment prior to covering over, and to ensure adequate access and fall is provided.

Pre-plasterboard - Allows for the inspection of hidden work and is to be carried out prior to plaster-boarding. This generally will include any structural steelwork and the roof construction.

Drain Test - Wherever possible, the new drainage systems should have a water test carried out on them, to check for performance and water tightness.

Prior to Occupation - If you intend to occupy the building prior to completion of the full works, we need to carry out an inspection before occupation.

Completion - Notification is required when the works are completed to allow this inspection to be carried out. If everything is found to be satisfactory, a Completion Certificate will be issued. Ideally, this inspection is carried out before the builder leaves the site.

Having your plans and ideas sorted beforehand means you do not have to think on the spot when you are in the process of building. Preparation is key! Now for the building to take place.

Step 3- Karen and Scot did almost all the work themselves while still living in the property which took almost a year to complete as they were both still working. Although this can work out less expensive it will take longer and can be very stressful.

Ground work- Karen and Scot hired a mini digger to dig out 1 metre deep footings it’s amazing how much soil comes from a hole, it looks like four times as much, once this was passed the foundations were laid which meant filling the trenches with concrete.

Step 4-the block and brick walls were built with 50ml thick insulation sandwiched between the walls in the cavity, once the walls were up to bridge the space above the 5 metre bi fold doors 2 steel RSJ lintels were put on top of the walls.

Step 5-at this stage the old exterior walls were knocked down, leaving the back of the house open to the elements.

Step 6- roof joists and timber went on to construct the roof, the building is beginning to take shape although not water tight, which because of the English weather was very frustrating.

Step 7- Karen and Scot decided to have a fibreglass roof which they were able to themselves once the timber had dried out and they had a dry weather day.

Step 8- The wide bi fold doors and window went in, at last the building was watertight, the extension is finally starting to feel real and you can see the space you have to work with.

Step 9-was to take up the tiles and break up the existing floor to be able to lay the membrane and concrete to tie in the old and the new floor, insulation and chipboard was laid on top.

Step 10-Electric wiring and pipes for the plumbing were then installed -it is important to know where you will need lights, sockets and heating before this stage

Step 11- more insulation was needed in between the joists before plaster boarding the ceiling and walls

Step 12-once the walls and ceilings had been plastered and left to dry the kitchen could be installed

Step 13- The fun part! Putting your own stamp on your renovation and making your dream home, a reality...

Karen decided to go for a Scandinavian / Mid-Century Modern interior style. The grey colours work well with the pastel blues, and saturated accent colours. Karen has also got abstract cushions and tiles which work well with the simple colours.

Overall the build has been hard, stressful and time consuming, however, Karen and her partner cannot be happier with their new renovation, creating the open plan social space they wanted, they also have the satisfaction of knowing it's all their own design and work too!

If you need any advice or inspiration in interior design, you can read our previous blog post "Out with the old, in with the New" for ideas.
Also, any advice on property development call our office today on 01983 521212. Another aspect which Red Squirrel Property Shop specialises in.




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By Emily Gibson

What can the Isle of Wight offer you this 2018...

2018 is going to be a year of entertainment, festivals, markets and activities.

Electric Woods "Spirit of the Orient"- 10th to 25th February
This is a festival held at Robin Hill to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Your step into the world of lights, culture and an Oriental experience. A magical festival, which will bring the ancient woodlands to life.
This festival is great for the family to enjoy an evening out and experience the Chinese New Year together. The festival is also great for couples, who would like to enjoy a romantic walk around the ancient woodlands whilst enjoying the Chinese culture and magical lights.
You can enjoy authentic performances of a traditional Lion Dance, in a show choreographed with stunning light and sound effects.
Also, children can take part in the fun with story telling, a dragon procession with a 12m long dragon which meanders throughout the woodland. They can also show their creative side by designing their very own Chinese lantern.

Put a Spring in your Step - 4th March 2018
This will be held at Cowes Yacht Haven, offering a selection of fantastic stalls and free workshops. There will be readings, emotional freedom techniques, carefree beauty, coaching, DOTERRA, natural products, a diverse collection of practices.
Also, mini treatments will be available to try on the day. Free parking is included in the boatyard.
This will be a great experience for you, your friends and family, to try new things, and for businesses to express their new, unique services.

Robin Hills Mad Easter Egg Dash - 1st and 2nd April
The great Easter Egg Dash, held at Robin Hill. The Easter Bunny will be hiding tokens in the park for the children to find, during the 2 dashes a day. 
The children under the age of 6 years old, will be taking part in the first dash at 12pm. The older children will be taking part in the next dash at 2pm. 
It is a great chance for the whole family to get together and join in with the Easter Festivities. It will be great fun for the children. It's unlikely anyone will be leaving empty handed due to many prizes available to be won.

 Real Ale Festival - 5th to 7th May
 A festival will be a chance to relax and soak up the atmosphere of Havenstreet Station while enjoying your favourite beverage as you watch the trains go by.
 The ale is sourced by many brewers across the country and a good majority coming from Island sources.
 The Festival is free entry; opening times are 11am - 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. Then 11am- 5pm on Bank holiday Monday. There will also be a variety of live music played throughout the day between 1pm and 5pm.
 It's a fantastic day to take in the unique setting of Havenstreet and also enjoy watching the Steam Trains.



Wolverton Folk and Blues Fair - 12th May
A one-day festival celebrating Folk and Blues music in the beautiful grounds of Wolverton Manor, Shorwell.
The day will comprise of great bands/artists, children's activities, a tea tent and a real ale tent. There will be a Main stage, and a Beer Tent Acoustic Stage, bringing the best Folk and Blues music the Island can offer.
The event is great for friends, family and loved ones to come together and enjoy a fantastic day of music, food and drink. Set in a fantastic location. The event is in aid of Leukaemia Research and Brighstone School.

Walk the Wight - 13th May
Last year members of Red Squirrel Property Shop took park in Walk the Wight. It was a brilliant day, where friends and family could spend time together, while supporting a brilliant cause and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Isle of Wight.
Walk the Wight is an event to raise money for Earl Mountbattern Hospice.
There is a choice of 4 different walks during the day-
-Full walk: 26.5 miles Bembridge to Alum Bay (approx. 8-12 hours walking time)
- 1st half: 12.5 miles Bembridge to Carisbrooke (approx. 4-6 hours walking time)
- 2nd Half: 14 miles Carisbrooke to Alum Bay (approx. 5-8 hours walking time)
- Flat walk: 8 miles Sandown to Shide (approx 2-4 hours walking time)
Earl Mountbattern Hospice is a wonderful charity which provides expert medical, nursing and domiciliary end of life care and bereavement support to people in their own homes, care homes and the hospice.

Newport Jazz Weekend - 30th May to 3rd June
Newport Jazz weekend is one of the best-established jazz festivals in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Regularly attracting star names across the UK and also further afield like the USA and Australia.
The festival attracts locals, holiday makers and jazz fans who make a special trip to the Island for this event. It's a fantastic event which brings a great atmosphere to the Island and brings the town to life with local bands playing in pubs and restaurants in the town.

The Isle of Wight Festival - 21st to 24th June
It is the 50th year anniversary of the Isle of Wight Festival. The festival is known for mixing iconic legendary artists with the hottest up and coming acts. It is a festival with a friendly vibe.
The event is located in Newport, which has many tents for different artists/bands. The Script, Kasabian, The Killers, Liam Gallagher and The Blossoms are among the acts playing at the festival.
There are also markets and stalls, which sell clothes, accessories and food. It's a great event which can be shared with friends, family and loved ones.
The festival is an event that brings the Island to life. Bringing a fantastic joyful atmosphere.

Round the Island Race - 7th June
This is a race that interests some of the biggest names in the sailing world, and keen amateur sailors can take part. The sailors skim past the Island's rocky Needles, round St Catherine's point, on to Bembridge Ledge, and then back to Cowes through the Solent.
People can watch from the Needles Old Battery Cafe as the sailors sail round the rocky ledge of the needles.
It's a great day out for the family and keen sailing enthusiasts to soak up the sun and watch the boats race on.

Shipwreck Isle - 8th June
This is a great festival for Pirate lovers. It is a day for families to go to the beautiful Ryde beach at Appley to join in with the Pirate Fun.
There will be sword fighting, music, stalls and everyone is welcome to dress up as their favourite pirate character.

 Lendy Cowes Week - 4th to 11th August
 Cowes Week is one of the oldest and largest annual sailing regattas in the World, and an iconic event in the British Sporting calendar.
 The event lasts for 8 days, with 8,000 competitors sailing around the Island. It brings a fabulous atmosphere to the town of Cowes with around 100,000 spectators who enjoy on and off-shore entertainment.
 It's a great event culminating on the final Friday, with a fabulous firework display attracting many tourists and locals. It's a great evening for friends, family and couples.

 Ventnor Fringe - 7th to 12th August
 This is a unique festival which is a celebration of the arts, show casing emerging and established talent across various creative spectrums.
 The event compromises of pop-up bars, entertainment and secret venues. Teenagers originally setup the festival in 2010, and it's grown into a multi-award winning event.
 It is very unique and special and attracts over 300 performers from across the world to showcase their talents.


Jack Up the 80's - 10th to 12th August
Jack Up the 80's provides a family weekend of music, entertainment, food, stalls and kids arts and crafts. It's a feel good festival, where people can enjoy the light-hearted atmosphere.
In excess of £20,000 has been raised in the past 2 years for local charities and good causes. T'Pau, Leo Sayer, Toyah and Jaki Graham are among the acts playing at the festival.
It is a fantastic festival which is enjoyable for all age groups.

Isle of Wight Garlic Festival - 18th to 19th August
The Garlic Farm is located in the beautiful countryside outside Newchurch. It is a festival where people can watch food cookery demonstrations all day, enjoy delicious foods, live music, and there are also arts and crafts stalls.
It's a brilliant day out for all the family to enjoy and also a chance to try new foods and learn new skills.

Isle of Wight International Scooter Rally - 23rd to 26th August
As part of the world famous Isle of Wight Scooter Rally around 5000 riders come to the Island on their classic scooters. The riders mainly stay within the coastal towns of Ryde and Sandown.
There is a large range of bars and entertainment at Ryde bars throughout the day for people to enjoy. Then from 7pm they are ticketed.
It's a great day out for family and friends to enjoy the buzzing entertainment of the busy coastal towns, and to look at all the classical scooters.

Eklectica - 7th to 9th September
Eklectica is a boutique festival which is held at Robin Hill Park. It's known for is quirkiness and diversity. It's set within the mystical woodlands at Robin Hill.
It's a new festival, but it's up and coming. It's great way for friends and family to get together.
Scouting for Girls, Hoosiers, The Fratellis, and the Toploader, are among the headliners for the 2018 Festival.

Island Con - 20th to 21st October
The event is held in Cowes. It is gearing up to become one of the South's premier conventions. It's going to comprise of a kid's zone, gaming zone, workshops and live interviews with special guests.
The event is a celebration of Pop Culture and has a heavy focus on cosplay from all types of fandoms.
It's a great way for people with similar interests to come together and enjoy the event.

So, as you can see, 2018 is going to be a very busy year. Its full of some amazing festivals and events to bring a brilliant atmosphere to the Island. It gives people the chance to spend quality time with friends and family while taking part in events or festivals.

From all of us at Red Squirrel we would like to wish you a Very Happy, Healthy and Fabulous New Year. Let 2018 be a year to remember...

By Emily Gibson

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Age Uk Isle of Wight 

Christmas time is all about giving, caring, love and support. That's why its so important to not only look after your loved ones, but also give to the people who are alone this Christmas.
Age UK is a fantastic charity which helps and supports so many elderly people across the UK. They ensure they are not alone at Christmas, but also the whole year round.
Age UK offer care, support, advice and guidance is all aspects. They advice good ways to maintain a healthy wellbeing, help with any financial questions or worries you may have. And also give details and advice on ways to adapt your home to make it easier for you to live in.

We at Red Squirrel Property Shop acknowledge the spectacular work in which Age Uk Isle of Wight does, and thats why we sponsor their Penguin Plunge event. Being so close to Christmas we understand money can be a strain, and we understand that you need to focus on your own family.
However, the thought of an elderly person being alone at Christmas is the worst feeling, as everyone should feel loved and cared for, especially at this time of year. So sparing a little bit for this amazing charity makes all the difference.

The Penguin Plunge will be taking place on 17th of December at Appley Beach Ryde at 11am. Three staff members of Red Squirrel will be braving all and taking the plunge into the wintery sea. Each of us are doing it for our own reasons...

Emily- "I think this is such a great charity that helps and supports the elderly. And I believe that by taking part in this event and showing our support it not only gets more people involved and aware of the amazing work in which Age UK does but it also gives the charity encouragement to continue in what they do. 
A bit of cold water is nothing compared to the fantastic efforts in which Age Uk Isle of Wight do to help others."

Eileen- "The reason I am helping Age UK Isle of Wight with the Penguin Plunge is that it is a "fun" way to bring awareness to others to donate towards this very worthy cause...
Age UK IOW were very helpful to my Mum and other elderly people I know. In helping them make the most of later life, providing companionship, advice and support for the older people who need it the most..."

Charlie- "Personally I like to try and do as much as possible for both local and national charities, so when Age Uk IOW asked if I would sponsor both this and the cinema events I didn't think twice!
They do so much locally and nationally so well worth the jump in the lovely warm sea on the 17th December"

Age UK offer many services for the elderly such as help professionally and personally to allow the elderly to stay at home longer. They offer exercise classes, foot care, IT training, transport services and handyperson services.
These services make a massive difference to people, as it takes the worry and stress out of life. And allows them to have a friendly face, someone who they can rely on and trust. Its very important for people to feel like they have someone who they can talk to and who will be there for     them in their time of need.

  I spoke to Age UK Isle of Wight Fundraising Ambassador, Elisha who enlightened me on the amazing work the Charity does on our Island and what inspired her to get involved with the work Age UK Isle of Wight does.

  What inspired you to become a part of this charity?
 I am very passionate about the Isle of Wight, after hearing that we receive no national funding even though we have the highest demographic of elderly on the island and coming from a sales background I thought I could help. So I joined   the fundraising team.

  What do you believe is the best thing about this charity?
  I love that one of the main focuses of the charity is combating Social Isolation. 1 in 6 older people on the IOW live alone. Being lonely is as bad for you as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. 1 in 3 of older people consider the television     their main form of company.
We offer Active Network Social Clubs (in different Island localities doing group activities, quizzes etc.), we have a Men in Sheds project (for retired men who like to learn new skills and potter about whilst creating friendships), The Good Neighbourhood Scheme ( a befriending service ran by volunteers, popping/calling on those isolated, helping with errands etc.) and also offer digital inclusion courses helping older islanders keep in touch with family and friends through skype etc.

How many elderly people does this charity support on the Isle of Wight?
We receive over 50,000 calls a year seeking advice and directly help over 11,000 older islanders each year. Our information and advice service offers advice on benefits, allowances that older islander entitled to but not aware of, and help fill in the paperwork etc.

What does this charity supply on the Island?
Age UK Isle of Wight are dedicated to supporting older people on the Isle of Wight to live well in their later years. We provide advice. We combat Loneliness. We enable independence.
We offer a handyperson service, making their homes safer and Just About You service offering housework/errands/gardening etc. enabling them to stay at home for longer.

Do you have a lot of people who donate on the island or can it be hard to gather donations?
It can be very hard to get donations. There is some confusion over our charity as although we are a brand partner with the national AgeUK we don’t receive anything from them.
We are an independent, local charity working solely for the benefit of the IOW since 1973. The AgeUK charity shops across all the towns, don’t raise money for the island. That money leaves the island and goes to the national UK charity. Everything we (AgeUK Isle of Wight) raise stays on the island. So lots of people shop and donate to the shops thinking they are helping us, but actually aren’t helping the island at all.

It was very inspiring and eye opening to speak to Elisha, to get an insight into what the charity does, and how holding events such as the Penguin Plunge are so benificial to the charity.
Please come in to our Newport or Cowes office today and sponsor us on our Plunge. Or if your brave enough come in and get an application form to take part in the plunge! 


Tel: 01983 521212
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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