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8 Key steps to help achieve the best value for your home

Having an understanding of ways to aid your house sale is very important as it can ensure you sell your property in minimal time as well as achieving the most desirable value too.

Follow our 8 key steps to help achieve the best value for your home. 

Meet your Valuer- Charlie

Charlie Panayi- Managing Director

Charlie is an exceptionally experienced, very friendly & accomplished negotiator and business manager who is responsible for managing all Red Squirrel Property Shop LTD clients.

Meet your Valuer- Alex

Alex France- Senior Property Consultant

Alex is a knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced Senior Property Consultant at Red Squirrel Property Shop LTD.

Meet your Valuer- Karen

Karen Jardine-  Lettings Manager

Karen is extremely experienced, approachable, and helpful Senior Lettings consultant at Red Squirrel Property Shop LTD.

Save £15,000, in 12 months to buy your first home!

Top tips on saving from our MD Charlie who bought his first home at 18, then went on to build a large successful property portfolio and also helps others with advice on how to buy their first home and/or grow their portfolio;

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