The Rise of the first time buyer

Throughout 2019 there has been a steady increase in first time buyers jumping onto the property ladder. Aberdeen buyers have benefitted the most, with some first-time buyers managing a real steal to purchase a house at a lower price than in 2013. However, the majority of Britain has seen first-time buyer prices retain an average cost which remains similar to the main market. The fair price has supported the first-time buyer market in having a fair shot at beginning their property journey. However, there are other aspects of the housing market that have also worked in favor of new buyers which are detailed below.

Things to do on the isle of wight 2020

The year to come-

The Island is renowned for its luscious beaches and its superb scenery all year round, however as the cold winter days approach us, businesses hibernate and excitement fades, but our idyllic little island never dulls despite the month or season we endure, for there are many events to come!

how to build a property portfolio



In this seminar we are going to offer help and guidance on how to plan for your future retirement, using property investment. There will be an entry drink and canapes included.


 With so many estate agents here on the Isle of Wight its understandable why people struggle to choose what agent is right for them! It's most probably the most common question I get asked, therefore in this blog I will try to cover all the most common questions I get for both selling and letting.....this is important as there is a different decision to be made between the two!

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