Red Squirrel Property Shop
Meet your Valuer- Charlie

Charlie Panayi- Managing Director

Charlie is an exceptionally experienced, very friendly & accomplished negotiator and business manager who is responsible for managing all Red Squirrel Property Shop LTD clients.

Meet your Valuer- Alex

Alex France- Senior Property Consultant

Alex is a knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced Senior Property Consultant at Red Squirrel Property Shop LTD.

Meet your Valuer- Karen

Karen Jardine-  Lettings Manager

Karen is extremely experienced, approachable, and helpful Senior Lettings consultant at Red Squirrel Property Shop LTD.

Save £15,000, in 12 months to buy your first home!

Top tips on saving from our MD Charlie who bought his first home at 18, then went on to build a large successful property portfolio and also helps others with advice on how to buy their first home and/or grow their portfolio;

Things to look forward to in 2021

With the unprecedented times being so rife in daily life and what we are constantly facing; with new restrictions and guidelines being issued, it is important to have things to look forward too, therefore we have put together a series of events which will be planned for 2021. As we know following the descent of winter, the island is a wonderful place for a brisk walk whether this would be through the country side or on one of our luxurious beaches (it’s not quite the Maldives but it will do)!

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