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Due to the cost-of-living crisis people this winter are struggling to spend large amounts on electricity and gas bills in their own homes, especially with the drop in temperature in the last month! Here are some simple tips which could help you save money and trim your bills.


40 ways to save fuel and energy | Newbury

Saving energy

  1. You could save up to £20 per year of energy by turning down your washing machine temperature to 30 degrees.


  1. Investing in a modern dishwasher could save you £7 a year compared to older models.


  1. An AAA+ Fridge freezer could save you £320 energy in its lifetime compared to a standard


  1. Install a thermostat, this can save you £75 a year only heating the rooms you are using at the time, this makes it more efficient.


  1. Turn down Radiators, when you are not in a room turn down the radiator valve to a lower setting between 2 – 3 this could save you £50 per year.


  1. Turn off Electric sockets when not using them, this can save you up to £30 a year.



  1. Fill up your dishwasher, try to only do one wash a week! This will reduce the amount of water you use and can save you up to £18 a year.


  1. Don’t overfill your kettle! This could save you £11 a year!



  1. Have a shower instead of a bath, and time your shower. It could save you up to £14 a year on energy bills.


  1. Try to avoid using the tumble dryer, you have the heating on hand your clothes on an airer next to a radiator or on nicer days hang your clothes up outside on the line. By doing this you’re saving yourself £55.


These simple tips can save you a large amount of money annually, helping families with most of their budget going on energy bills.