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There are many techniques which can be used to predict the value of your home, for example, you can request an instant free online valuation which is calculated based on sale trends. Therefore due to this, it isn’t always completely accurate as it does not consider every variable such as physical features/assets of your property or the cosmetic finish of the interior, but it does however give you a rough figure to initially think about and consider as a reference point. You SHOULD NOT rely too heavily on the estimated value.

The best option would be a physical valuation, which is more accurate and reflective of the true value of your property. Through using a trusted agent who is an expert in property and not just a sales person, you will receive a more realistic value of your home which is a more sensible amount to expect upon the sale of your property.   

How accurate is a house valuation?

Between agents the value of your home may vary, this can occur in some properties more than others. This can be due to a lack of comparable properties in the local area, or alternatively the condition of the property at the time of valuation. Therefore, you must always get more than one valuation to create contrast, due to the change of monetary value which may occur, as well as ensuring you choose the correct agent for you. If an agent has accurately valued your home they must be able to justify to you why they have valued the property at that amount. It’s always nice to hear your home is worth more than you thought, but a little inside tip here… some agents overvalue to get you to use them, once in a contract they will then insist you lower the price. Therefore we would recommend to always challenge it to understand why your property holds the worth it does.


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