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  1. Fill the gaps
    Whilst some of us don’t have as much space as we’d like there are always gaps in a room that can be used as a way to keep your things tidy. For example: on top of wardrobes or sliding draws underneath the bed. Add your items to a decorative box before storing away to prevent the gaps you’ve filled from looking cluttered.
  2. Shelves
    If you don’t have shelves in your house there are many no damage shelves that can easily be put onto a wall. That way if you’re in a rental property you don’t need to worry about any wall damage. A floating shelf can help you achieve a more spacious room by not having to place objects on the floor. Although they can’t hold items that are too heavy, you can show off your favourite items as decorative features. If you already use all of your shelving space, you can maximise this further by getting some shelf risers. This allows you to fit an extra shelf in your cupboard so that you can fit double the amount of items in. These work particularly well in kitchen cupboards, or toiletry cupboards; also making it easier to find items.
  1. Window sills
    We all have window sills! This small bit of space can also be used like a shelf to house your books, houseplants, or toiletries. A clever creative way to maximise a part of the room that often gets overlooked.
  2. Baskets!
    Sometimes there are items that you may not want to have on display but can easily make your home look messy. The solution to this is baskets! There are so many decorative baskets available in most shops these days, in a range of colours and materials. A basket can be a statement in a room whilst secretly hiding your mess. You can even use small baskets in cupboards to keep them tidy too!
  3. Hanging storage
    Vertical storage is a clever versatile storage solution. There are hooks that you can buy for the back of your doors that can be home to your accessories or outwear. Hanging organisers like shoe racks can also be bought for the backs of doors and can be home to many items – not just shoes. You could use a hanging organiser for books, craft supplies and toys!